S&P Care Services

Supported Living

Support to live at home

Our Supported living service is designed for those who don’t feel like residential care but cannot cope with the isolation and boredom of living at home, and need support with tasks and activities of daily living.

At S&P Care, our aim is to help you live independently, meeting your social, cultural and emotional needs always. Our services are for anyone who needs supported living at home, including people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, the elderly, and people with medical conditions, and more.

Supported Living is suitable for:

Anyone with a mental health diagnosis

  People with depression or anxiety

Patients discharged from hospital

Individuals with learning disabilities

Patients who have been discharged from hospital for rehabilitation.

People with dementia

With our Supported Living service, you get to live comfortably in your own home with up to 24-hour care.

We provide safe and supported care, in which you can develop your own ability to manage your accommodation and meet your individual needs. Everyone we support will achieve something that makes a difference to their lives and live their best life.